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Keeping an eye on your investment

Home Inspections

Home inspections are a necessary evil... is that a fair statement? You be the judge. We have been providing quality home inspection in and around the Greater Seattle Area for many years. When you are about to make what is likely your single largest investment you should want to know all you can about that home or income unit. That is why you want a home inspector that isn't afraid to tell you like it is. It is all about finding out all you can so you can make an "informed decision" it isn't about killing the deal or finding out too much. It isn't done to deter you from the purchase. You must understand that it is all  about keeping you informed. If there is a major defect that wasn't disclosed, YOU WANT to know about it. You can then either negotiate the price or pay for the repair yourself. We are your "ace in the hole" your professional home inspector for the Seattle area.

Buyer inspections - This is an absolute must in the opinion of most Realtors and buyers alike. Know what you are buying. If a major defect or a number of minor defects are found it may be your ticket to renegotiating the sales price.

Seller "pre sale" inspections - this is so important for a seller to have a home inspection so they don't get blind sided by a defect and they can price the home accordingly.

FHA 203k loan program

When I say you may want to pay for a repair yourself you could cerainly use the FHA 203k loan program or the FannieMae HomeStyle Renovation Mortgage to do just that. Either one of these programs are great for making repairs, updating your new home and the great thing is that you get it all in the same purchase money loan or refinance. Yes, you can refinance an existing mortgage, lower your interest rate in many cases, and get the money to make those needed repairs all in the same 30-year mortgage. No more need to get a "construction loan" and have to refinance out of it in 6-12 months and pay additional points and fees. Either one of these loan programs will get the job done. We are your approved FHA 203k consultant in the Seattle WA area.

Why would I choose one of these two loan programs over the other?

  • FHA 203k requires a 3.5% down payment and less than perfect credit is okay. Good for 1-4 family & mixed use properties.
  • FHA 203k has PMI, a private mortgage insurance requirement that can be costly depending on the the amount of your loan.
  • FHA 203k works with single family and 2-4 as well as "mixed use" properties that require upgrades.
  • HomeStyle Renovation Mortgage has PMI if you put less than 20% down but not if you can put down 20% and have great credit.
  • HomeStyle Renovation Mortgage is for single family homes but 2-4 are okay with 25% down.
  • Both loan programs allow 75% of the rental income to be used as additional buyer income for qualification.

Home inspection license number 833

Structural pest inspector number 82693 C(WSDA)

HUD 203k consultant number S0775